Punk Rock and Caviar…

Eric Esponiza has been designing clothes over a decade.  After all of this man’s hard work, he has finally made it to the next Level.

Justin Bieber, Cover of Rolling Stone, UNIF Studded Leather Rider Jacket

UNIF’s Jesus Saves I Spend

Owners and Designers of UNIF Clothing, Eric and Christine

One thing that Eric is good at is adapting to the Trends. When Neon Colors were becoming hot, Eric was the first one to embrace it. Crazy Prints? Other designers copied his style…but what he is most known for is the witty slogans tees, his amazing fits and fresh patterns. Eric has always been talented but when he decided to partner up with Christine Lai so that she could design the women’s gear, it was game changing. There latest collection will make you want to change your whole style…From Studded leather Jackets (The one Justin Bieber is wearing on the cover of ROLLING STONE), to lamb skin coats. Get hip with this quick because when you finally break, it might be to late…it’s already been selling out.

UNIF Website
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You Look So Familiar…

Ty Hodges went from Even Stevens, to the Independent world. But only one thing drives this man, Passion.

Ty is of Bajan/Trini decent, born in Washington, DC. Raised in Miami, Florida. “Growing up in a West Indian house hold I have always understood passion lol.” says Ty. Ty moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to follow his dreams of becoming an actor. Fresh off the Bus, he landed a starring role in the Janet Jackson Video Go Deep, which led him to working with the Disney Channel, numerous Networks and Indie Film projects. After many Years in the industry, an actor questions their Career. Some continue to take what they can get and others take control. Ty left the mainstream behind so that he can make art.

He currently has 3 films that he has produced:
Video Girl, starring Meagan Good, Ruby Dee, Haylie Duff and Adam Senn, which he directed.

You, Me & The Circus, starring Matt Dallas, Anita Briem, Melonie Diaz and himself…which he co-wrote with Marlon Ollivierre and Produced with Omar Epps.

Miles From Home, which he directs and star in, along side Meagan Good.

Miles From Home Website
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Kid Chocolate…

He wears Maroon and White, weighing in at 162 pounds even…He is Perfect in the ring with 23 wins, 17 by Knock out…PETER “KID CHOCOLATE” QUILLIN!!!!

I first met Petey at a the Saturday nigh party I promote at My Studio. I gave him a drink and he was so surprised, he offered me free boxing lessons. He is a very grateful and humble man, who came from New York to pursue boxing in Los Angeles. Kid Chocolate grew up fighting and finally started focusing his energy in a positive way, when he started training at 15. His dedication to the sport is unmatched by any other athlete, which was shown when he packed up his life and moved to a different coast to train with Freddie Roach…if you don’t know who that is, google the name. Now he is signed to Golden Boy and has not met a man who can defeat him in the ring. Meet the next middle weight champion of the world…KID CHOCOLATE!!!


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The Midas Touch…

Who would have thought a kid that grew up listening to punk rock music and skateboarding, would turn into a beast of a Hip Hop Producer? I know I didn’t.

David Embree AKA The Optimist, grew up in Seal Beach CA, skateboarding around in a beat up Leather jacket, spiky hair and combat boots. It wasn’t till High School, that he found his love for producing Hip Hop music. David’s older brother Matt (lead singer of RX Bandits) was always trying out different sounds in their home built music studio and David was always in the background taking notice. Most younger brothers tag along but when David was placed in Laural Continuation school, he found his own sound using a program called Reason. He has then after been making beats for many local acts…Two Drunken Poets, LMNO, Melay sage, Vital Emcee and Petty Tom. Recently he’s teamed up with a hip hop artist by the name of MC IMPRINT, to start a duo that will eventually reach the status of their idols Guru and Premier. The way his talent keeps building, that doesn’t seem to far off.
Chaka Khan Punch my balls by CBG123
Free as a Bird by CBG123

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Sunday Interlude…

Tonight I am going to Attempt to watch a full Grammy Awards show. This is mainly a test to my attention span and I am determined to do this. I have never watch an award show all the way through before so this will be a challenge…wish me luck.  Congrats to all of the winners and nominees, it is a great accomplishment.  Tomorrow I will post a fresh new feature so stay tuned and Stay blessed.

I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Do You Kno’ Wat That Mean Mane?

My friends are talented!!! Meet Lu Louis, the creator of the Website My Roommate The
My Roommate the Model
My Roommate the Guido

Lu Louis came to LA, like most of us…to become a big movie star. With the way the acting game is going now, you have to build a name for yourself before you can even get representation. How do you do that, you ask? You create a hilarious Webseries called My Roommate The. That’s what my friend Lu Louis did. The show is based around Lu and the awkward situations that he is put in, every time he takes on a new roommate. The greatest part about Lu’s show is the fact that he casts his friends in every episode. He has even put yours truly in one of the episodes. Check out his Website and show some love to independent artists. I’ll tell you what…if you don’t laugh, I’ll by you a coffee.

My Roommate The

To Be, or Not to Be Urkel

Jaleel White as himself
True Fans have the Doll

Many actors in LA claim that they want to do it for the art and they don’t want to sell out…it made me think of Jaleel White. I’m sure he had high hopes of playing the hero, the love interest or even a serial killer in a huge film. I don’t think he realized when he was imagining the life of Urkel for a small recurring roll on Family Matters, it would be such a huge phenomenon. Did he sell out? Now here comes the rub…after Family Matters, Jaleel never really had to work again but was then after known as “URKEL”. I’ve personally scene him driving a Porche, decked out in the latest of fashion…shoot, the show is still on and I’m sure he still gets huge residuals from it. But I wonder if he ever sat back and asked himself, “I wonder what would have happened, if I didn’t except the role Urkel?”. He’s rich, still relatively famous, doesn’t need to work but will always be known as his character. So this question is for those struggling actors, artist, music…etc. Would you have signed that contract? Would you have been the Urkel in your chosen field? I don’t know if I would have but I still have to admit that Jaleel White made me a life Long Urkel fan.