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Allstar Weekend…

Yes it is Here and the streets are already crowded…Everyone I know is going to the party below…
Allstar weekend get’s a bad wrap. Many people say it’s for all of the folks that wish they were ball players, all the ladies who want to Marry a Ball player and the others who want to say that they’ve seen a ball player at the Club. I say it’s just an excuse to have fun. Be safe tonight and remember, NO NEGATIVITY. If you are out and about, hit me on my twitter below…I’ll be at MY STUDIO!!!

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Punk Rock and Caviar…

Eric Esponiza has been designing clothes over a decade.  After all of this man’s hard work, he has finally made it to the next Level.

Justin Bieber, Cover of Rolling Stone, UNIF Studded Leather Rider Jacket

UNIF’s Jesus Saves I Spend

Owners and Designers of UNIF Clothing, Eric and Christine

One thing that Eric is good at is adapting to the Trends. When Neon Colors were becoming hot, Eric was the first one to embrace it. Crazy Prints? Other designers copied his style…but what he is most known for is the witty slogans tees, his amazing fits and fresh patterns. Eric has always been talented but when he decided to partner up with Christine Lai so that she could design the women’s gear, it was game changing. There latest collection will make you want to change your whole style…From Studded leather Jackets (The one Justin Bieber is wearing on the cover of ROLLING STONE), to lamb skin coats. Get hip with this quick because when you finally break, it might be to late…it’s already been selling out.

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Kid Chocolate…

He wears Maroon and White, weighing in at 162 pounds even…He is Perfect in the ring with 23 wins, 17 by Knock out…PETER “KID CHOCOLATE” QUILLIN!!!!

I first met Petey at a the Saturday nigh party I promote at My Studio. I gave him a drink and he was so surprised, he offered me free boxing lessons. He is a very grateful and humble man, who came from New York to pursue boxing in Los Angeles. Kid Chocolate grew up fighting and finally started focusing his energy in a positive way, when he started training at 15. His dedication to the sport is unmatched by any other athlete, which was shown when he packed up his life and moved to a different coast to train with Freddie Roach…if you don’t know who that is, google the name. Now he is signed to Golden Boy and has not met a man who can defeat him in the ring. Meet the next middle weight champion of the world…KID CHOCOLATE!!!


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