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Keeping Up with My Brother…

My brother Imprint tells his story…

The First Impression

An old friend by the name of Soomin Kim approached my brother about doing a lil video doc about himself. Sometimes you want to know the person behind the art and if the stories they tell are true. There is a lot of passion, blood, sweat and tears in my brothers music. It would be great if you could listen to his story. And please remember, you are never stuck…YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!!!



The Midas Touch…

Who would have thought a kid that grew up listening to punk rock music and skateboarding, would turn into a beast of a Hip Hop Producer? I know I didn’t.

David Embree AKA The Optimist, grew up in Seal Beach CA, skateboarding around in a beat up Leather jacket, spiky hair and combat boots. It wasn’t till High School, that he found his love for producing Hip Hop music. David’s older brother Matt (lead singer of RX Bandits) was always trying out different sounds in their home built music studio and David was always in the background taking notice. Most younger brothers tag along but when David was placed in Laural Continuation school, he found his own sound using a program called Reason. He has then after been making beats for many local acts…Two Drunken Poets, LMNO, Melay sage, Vital Emcee and Petty Tom. Recently he’s teamed up with a hip hop artist by the name of MC IMPRINT, to start a duo that will eventually reach the status of their idols Guru and Premier. The way his talent keeps building, that doesn’t seem to far off.
Chaka Khan Punch my balls by CBG123
Free as a Bird by CBG123

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MC Imprint Album Release

This is one of those proud big brother moments where I am going to talk about how much I’ve seen my younger sibling grow into a very talented artist.  From us growing up without a dad, him being in and out of jail and having had a drug problem since the age of fourteen, Imprint has turned his past into inspiration to succeed in the music Game.  Imprint Released his Freshman Album on Thursday, January 27th at The Shore in Long Beach, CA. 

F yo Shoes, Nigga!!!

This party was Hosted by the online Magazine “fakeRICH”, Study Footwear and yours truly CBG123.  Study blessed the party with shoes to raffle off to all of the fans, it’s weird to say that…MY BROTHER HAS FANS!!!  This turned out to be a really successful event and I will forever have a smile on my face, when I think about it.

MC Imprint-SideLines

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