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Line me Up…

Many people ask me where I get my haircut…So I thought it was time to introduce you all to Jeremy, an artist/barber from New Mexico.
Spartan Helmet

Tour 2010 Piece

His Art Work

Jeremy Artist/Barber

The story of how I met Jeremy is pretty funny. I was at Baracuda on Melrose about a year ago, talking to my friend Jefferson about finding a new barber. The conversation went like so…
Me: “Yo Jefferson, you know any good barbers near by.”
Jefferson: “Yeah…my boy Jeremy. He does sick art pieces on dudes heads.”
Me: “Really?”
Jefferson: “Yeah. And he cuts all the dudes hair from Bone Thugs.”
Me: “who is he?”
Jefferson: “This tatted up white dude, named Jeremy. He is the best barber in LA, hands down.”
Me: “He’s White?”
I went and got my haircut that same day and haven’t let another person touch my head since. Jeremy is an artist, who started cutting hair for his friends when he was 17. He’s owned shops in New Mexico and was cutting in Seattle and now he’s making a name for himself in Hollywood. Jeremy is the main barber for many celebrities but it definitely wasn’t easy for him to gain clientele, being a white barber and all. This dude skateboarded up and down the streets passing out his business cards and showing his portfolio to people that could use is his services. Once skepticism where’s thin, Jeremy gets to go to work and create free hand pieces of art, like the cuts shown in the pictures above. If you want your head looking right or just some old fashion barber advice, shoot him an email. Keep Killing it Jeremy!!!

Jeremy’s Email: