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Creativity can be learned, if you aren't afraid of what other people think. It took me a long time to Realize that.

CBG-123…My next step

Photographer: Tigran

I will be Launching my Official Website soon. My work, My photos, projects that I have produced…everything I’ve been striving towards. I will enjoy sharing my growth with all of my friends and I hope you enjoy watching my journey. Be patient…CBG-123 is coming. Thank you to all of my friends and family that support me. Much love and respect.

Stay Blessed,

Cottrell Guidry aka CBG123


Keeping Up with My Brother…

My brother Imprint tells his story…

The First Impression

An old friend by the name of Soomin Kim approached my brother about doing a lil video doc about himself. Sometimes you want to know the person behind the art and if the stories they tell are true. There is a lot of passion, blood, sweat and tears in my brothers music. It would be great if you could listen to his story. And please remember, you are never stuck…YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!!!


More Limited, Mo Betta…

Here’s another entry in the series of My Friends are talented. Limited Snap Backs for Men, Women and Children.
Virginity Steelers/ Lowboys/ White S#x

Stampd’ LA and Unif have collaborated to bring us something that is always useful in a fashionable person’s wardrobe…Snap Back hats!!! the first series of limited hats that Stampd’ LA Did (Dope Collection), sold out and I am sure these will do the same. I bought all 3 yesterday so that I can wear them all at the same time.


Stampd LA Website
Stampd LA Twitter

UNIF Website

Line me Up…

Many people ask me where I get my haircut…So I thought it was time to introduce you all to Jeremy, an artist/barber from New Mexico.
Spartan Helmet

Tour 2010 Piece

His Art Work

Jeremy Artist/Barber

The story of how I met Jeremy is pretty funny. I was at Baracuda on Melrose about a year ago, talking to my friend Jefferson about finding a new barber. The conversation went like so…
Me: “Yo Jefferson, you know any good barbers near by.”
Jefferson: “Yeah…my boy Jeremy. He does sick art pieces on dudes heads.”
Me: “Really?”
Jefferson: “Yeah. And he cuts all the dudes hair from Bone Thugs.”
Me: “who is he?”
Jefferson: “This tatted up white dude, named Jeremy. He is the best barber in LA, hands down.”
Me: “He’s White?”
I went and got my haircut that same day and haven’t let another person touch my head since. Jeremy is an artist, who started cutting hair for his friends when he was 17. He’s owned shops in New Mexico and was cutting in Seattle and now he’s making a name for himself in Hollywood. Jeremy is the main barber for many celebrities but it definitely wasn’t easy for him to gain clientele, being a white barber and all. This dude skateboarded up and down the streets passing out his business cards and showing his portfolio to people that could use is his services. Once skepticism where’s thin, Jeremy gets to go to work and create free hand pieces of art, like the cuts shown in the pictures above. If you want your head looking right or just some old fashion barber advice, shoot him an email. Keep Killing it Jeremy!!!

Jeremy’s Email:

Few are Meant for Greatness…

As black History month comes closer to ending, I would like to acknowledge a man who paved the way for black people in film…Sidney Poitier.

Many of you know who Sidney is but very few Know about his remarkable story. He was born in Miami 3 months Prematurely and wasn’t suppose to make it. His parents nursed him to health and then moved him to the Bahamas, where they were from. He was raised on Cat Island till he 15, then moved back to Miami to live with his brother. Poitier moved to New York at the age of 17, where he worked a bunch of low-level jobs so that he could get by. Poitier Then after joined the Army and worked as a dishwasher until he made it into the American Negro Theater. After joining the theater, audiences rejected Sidney because he couldn’t sing and his strong Bahamian accent. He took 6 months to sharpen his acting skills, went on to Broadway and took a leading role in the production Lysistrata. In 1949 he moved on from the stage, to film. His first Movie role was as a doctor treating a racist white man, in No Way Out. Poitier’s breakout role came in the Movie Blackboard Jungle, which moved him on to more and more prominent roles that other black actors were not offered during that time (The Defiant Ones, A Raisin in the Sun, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner; To Sir, with Love…In the Heat of the Night…many more). He was the first black actor to be nominated for an Academy Award (for The Defiant Ones, 1958). And in 1964 he Sidney Poitier was the first black actor to win an Academy Award for best actor in a leading role (for Lilies of the Field in 1963). Mr. Poitier, I know there are many who have thanked you in the past but I just want to give you my gratitude for all of your strength and perseverance. You are one of the reasons we have black history month.

Poitier’s IMDB

Sunday Interlude….

Another Sunday Interlude….

I am all about random, fun ways to make art. My boy Kenn Laws has been making videos of models, with his phone or what ever camera he can get a hold of and editing them together to make an alternative music video or just invade the privacy of someone else’s life. What he does is really interesting. Here’s one of my favorites in his collection, of two beautiful people running around New York.

Kenn Law Youtube
The Look By Law

Allstar Weekend…

Yes it is Here and the streets are already crowded…Everyone I know is going to the party below…
Allstar weekend get’s a bad wrap. Many people say it’s for all of the folks that wish they were ball players, all the ladies who want to Marry a Ball player and the others who want to say that they’ve seen a ball player at the Club. I say it’s just an excuse to have fun. Be safe tonight and remember, NO NEGATIVITY. If you are out and about, hit me on my twitter below…I’ll be at MY STUDIO!!!

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