Few are Meant for Greatness…

As black History month comes closer to ending, I would like to acknowledge a man who paved the way for black people in film…Sidney Poitier.

Many of you know who Sidney is but very few Know about his remarkable story. He was born in Miami 3 months Prematurely and wasn’t suppose to make it. His parents nursed him to health and then moved him to the Bahamas, where they were from. He was raised on Cat Island till he 15, then moved back to Miami to live with his brother. Poitier moved to New York at the age of 17, where he worked a bunch of low-level jobs so that he could get by. Poitier Then after joined the Army and worked as a dishwasher until he made it into the American Negro Theater. After joining the theater, audiences rejected Sidney because he couldn’t sing and his strong Bahamian accent. He took 6 months to sharpen his acting skills, went on to Broadway and took a leading role in the production Lysistrata. In 1949 he moved on from the stage, to film. His first Movie role was as a doctor treating a racist white man, in No Way Out. Poitier’s breakout role came in the Movie Blackboard Jungle, which moved him on to more and more prominent roles that other black actors were not offered during that time (The Defiant Ones, A Raisin in the Sun, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner; To Sir, with Love…In the Heat of the Night…many more). He was the first black actor to be nominated for an Academy Award (for The Defiant Ones, 1958). And in 1964 he Sidney Poitier was the first black actor to win an Academy Award for best actor in a leading role (for Lilies of the Field in 1963). Mr. Poitier, I know there are many who have thanked you in the past but I just want to give you my gratitude for all of your strength and perseverance. You are one of the reasons we have black history month.

Poitier’s IMDB


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